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We are portrait and lifestyle photographers based in Cornwall. Here is a selection of images showcasing our portrait photography work. Many of the images are homeowner or designer portraits shot alongside interiors shoots and videos, others feature chefs and food producers taken on food shoots. Some are taken from lifestyle or editorial feature shoots.
Most people are not models and are often sensitive about how they appear. Being photographed can be a daunting prospect. Over the years we have found that the key to teasing out people’s confidence and to creating meaningful images of people that they will like and want to use for years is how the photographer conducts themselves on the shoot. We have taken thousands of portraits over a very long time so the lighting and camera work is second nature to us.  This means we can concentrate on the subjects and making them feel comfortable. We try and spend time with them first to work out the environments in which they will be comfortable and then we make the process enjoyable by being as polite and effusive as we can. We believe this approach is reflected in our images. Even the most camera shy photographer hating people have been astonished at the results!

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